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September 10, 2017
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December 19, 2017
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Case Study : Insurance


  • Pension Auto Enrolment assistance

  • Product Administration - update systems and produce client details for sales of new products

  • Policy Document Data Transfer from legacy system to new Applications, Systems, 3rd Parties.

  • Products Sales Support - customer data gathering, adherence to compliance and rules of sale

  • Broker CUE (Motor) - compares customers reported accident claim history data with actual.

  • Bulk Payments (Motor) - updates policies following claims made through specialist claims companies.

  • Bulk Recoveries (Motor) - updates policies of vehicle recovery amounts and fees supplied by third parties

  • Unallocated Cash Report - works a report and writes off any cash discrepancy under a certain value.

  • Deceased Notification - processing of insurance policies following notification of a death.

  • Insurance Comparison - downloads leads from Internet Comparison providers and loads entries to lead management system

  • Compliance Reporting Automation - automated preparation of reports for the PRA

  • Marketing Campaign Support - high speed response for back office automation to support new product launches, product incentives

  • Credit Card Rejections - works a report of rejected card payments and over a period sends letter to the customer before ultimately cancelling the insurance.

  • Credit Card Unmatched - retrieves cases to work from a report and, where applicable, writes off any cash discrepancy.

  • Redemptions Processing - cross checking to multiple systems for Compliance assurance

  • Payment transfer - paid directly to a client or reinvested/distributed to other products across multiple systems or third party applications

  • Right of Set-Off and Debt Recovery

  • Funds Transfer - from multiple legacy policies/system into a more modern, flexible system

  • Amend Standing Order, Direct Debit, Address details across multiple systems

  • Accounts Data Mismatches across disparate systems.

  • Receive/track dividend, interest, and amortized principal payment information and collect the distribution of all dividend and interest allocations

  • Simplifies/Enforces the management of complex entitlement policies

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