The New Normal is Cloud

The objective of product development organizations is to take full advantage of resource elasticity, platform functionality and advanced security. Newer design patterns such as micro services and service lifecycle management lead to superior customer experiences. We see a number of market trends that are shaping the future of software on the cloud - legacy transition to software-as-a-service, improving velocity to shrink time-to-market, rise of digital/physical converged technologies and continuous delivery and testing model.


Some of our services include:

    Assist setup of processes, tool chains and automated workflows for continuous integration and deployment in the cloud.
    Our experience in architecting cloud platforms and applications can help clients in designing a world class cloud platform blueprints and creating cloud optimized applications.
    Cloud implementation services help set up cloud data centers as per the designed blueprints and migrating/integrating services on it.
    Cloud testing services help to test the cloud data center and the applications deployed in the cloud. It also involves security testing, cloud test lab setup and testing.
    EE deployment & DevOps services help to setup processes, tool-chains and automated workflows for continuous integration and deployment on cloud.
    Post deployment day-2 services like 24x7 cloud monitoring and management.

Our Differentiation
  • Development and migration to public and private cloud is 60% faster through utilization of EE tools and enabling software solutions
  • Experience managing 100s of virtualized servers, multi-terabytes of data and millions of users
  • Extensive experience in developing public and private cloud platforms gives EE a unique advantage in architecting cloud solutions and applications
  • 120+ cloud technology experts in AWS, Azure, OpenStack & VMWare and more than 2000+ engineers proficient in cutting-edge cloud technologies
  • Ecosystem of partnerships with major cloud platform providers including AWS, Cloudband and Azure

Encoding Enhancers recognizes Cloud Computing as one of the technologies that is currently shaping the global business scene. We offer a comprehensive bouquet of cloud-based IT services that deliver sustainable software solutions to optimize client IT investment and leverage untapped markets by creating new delivery channels. Our cloud-based applications can help ensure reduction in costs of IT infrastructure, better utilization of budgets while offering IT operational flexibility. Encoding Enhancers is a recognized Amazon Partner network member.

Encoding Enhancers brings niche expertise in cloud infrastructure and building cloud-based enterprise solutions. Cloud infrastructure expertise includes offerings that cut across multiple cloud types such as Private, Public and Hybrid and Cloud Interop solutions such as Multi Cloud Storage. Encoding Enhancers has deep expertise in various cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Eucalyptus, OpenStack and VMware. Our Cloud Enterprise Solutions expertise includes Cloud-based Monitoring and Analytics and Big Data solutions.

Cloud Focus Areas

Encoding Enhancers has continued technology-focused initiatives in emerging areas such as building seamless cloud infrastructure via Virtual Cloud Appliance (VCDC), running business critical solutions on the cloud (Analytics, Workflow) and Cloud Storage (via CDMI standard compliance) to ensure excellent on-site/offshore combined consultancy in terms of building cloud migration strategy, cloud automation and delivery, application management services, etc.

Our key focus areas

  • Hybrid Cloud Appliance: Custom stack that extends customer local data center to seamless connect with public cloud for on-demand dynamic provisioning of IT infrastructure resourced by leveraging existing investments made by the user, and thus allowing resource optimization for better TCO and improved ROI
  • Interoperable Cloud Storage: SNIA/CDMI standard compliant solution that helps in building the right cloud storage strategy for business solutions that need high storage requirements without compromising on security, standard and performance requirements while also addressing low cost storage needs
  • Business Data Analytics: Encoding Enhancers has built a solution hosted on Amazon EC2 that leverages cloud infrastructure to provide the best analytical solutions in terms of dashboard, custom reports, and data mining capabilities

Why Encoding Enhancers ?

  • Service oriented, layered, tier-based and component-based architecture
  • Practicable, shippable working prototype
  • Pattern-driven approach for design and architecture
  • Rapid, incremental and iterative development approach through Agile-Scrum
  • Tool-based development to optimize time-to-market
  • Technology competency upgrade through innovation and training