About us

Encoding Enhancers, is a prominent software company with proven track record of International deliveries with excellence for Software Development (in various domains) for over 10 years now. It aligns persistently with clients’ to meet précis time schedules of operations and services to offer state of the art technology solutions. We have a deep expertise and experience in all aspects of real-time communication products, including embedded frameworks, real-time OS’s, Linux, GUI and UI frameworks such as QT/QML, protocols and external communication solutions (including TCP/IP suite, Netconf, YANG, Control protocols such as BacNET, Modbus, etc).
We adhere to stringent security, quality and customer engagement standards.
  • Customer IP security is paramount. All processes are aligned to safeguard and defend customer IP. We ensure that client’s IP is not mishandled.
  • We have a strict adherence to extensive Quality Policy and Software Development process, and timely audits by internal as well as external quality teams.
  • We leverage the deep expertise in communication solutions and the rich experience of our pool of architects and domain consultants.
  • We maintain regular contact with our customers to monitor the health of the programs, including detailed review for risk avoidance and early corrections (if required)
  • We follow a dedicated engineering practice which provides solutions as per the customers need.
  • We hire engineers, functional consultants and architects with great experience and rich pedigree. Our internal technical, quality and security training makes the engineers ready to serve the customers with utmost diligence and professionalism.
  • Our philosophy being intelligent gelling of state of the art technology for/with the products and services to improve ultimate customer expectations.
  • Our cohesive emphasis with client pledges from conceptualized idea to digital disruption, competitive agility, business nitty gritty with technology impact on industry and operating business model.
  • The agility of approach support client to encounter dynamic challenges of mechanics for organizational success and achieve futuristic growth with enhanced valuation in the digital ecosphere.
  • It leads its client into the journey of successful mission by resolving their most complex and critical operational issues through simplified customized solutions.
  • For eons, we have facilitated various clients to mend operational processes with modified solutions to scale up the operations and resolve bottlenecks.
  • Our association comprehends differentiated value proposition and enhanced capability in any dedicated industry to transform products, brands and ultimate valuations for the company.
We design and deliver the most advanced automation platform for different verticals.RPA is the natural evolution of labor arbitrage, it takes the Robot Out Of The Human ..and enables computers to do what they were supposed to do. RPA is now leveraged as part of the digital workforce.

Come work with us and know aur solutions that will help you achieve your ROI goals.

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