Success Story

Headed for a merger? We are you’re trusted “Rebranding Partners”

Steve Forbes once called branding ‘The single most important investment you can make in your business.’ And whenever you make changes to such a precious commodity, you need to make sure you’re armed with the knowledge and strategy to make it a success. This makes rebranding a complicated, intimidating process for many businesses.

"We can rebrand you’re documents, software’s, engineering drawings and other intellectual property. "

Encoding Enhancers has an extensive experience in :

• Working for Industry leaders -We successfully carried out the rebranding of IT proprietary assets for a 150-year-old global leader in Water, Fluid, Thermal Management & Equipment protection partner in the US and Canada region. Encoding Enhancers churned out about 12000 files in a time frame of 12 weeks.

• Managing projects across different geographies/time zones - We worked with 5 different geographic locations and held regular conference calls to keep the project plan together and the communication stable.

• High quality standards and tight schedule- We maintained a tight deadline and accommodated all the change requests of the customer who was in a very amateur state of gathering the rebranding guidelines.

Why Choose Us

We offer a unique client perspective Our range of experience on the Client side gives us deep understanding of internal dynamics and challenges. Complex problems are our sweet spot We love a challenge and thrive in complexity. Whether it’s market testing, big data, channel development or multifaceted sales cycles, we have yet to find a problem we can’t solve. We provide agency results without agency fees Our hub-and-spoke resource model offers access to top talent in the industry, without the added layers and fees. Impatience is a virtue in our world You need results, and you need them now. We pride ourselves on working quickly and thoughtfully, so you can meet and exceed your goals. Data is our friend We don’t leave anything to chance. Everything we do starts with analytics, continues with research, and is refined based on results.

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