Next Generation Transportation

Next Generation Transportation

Transportation management is a subdivision of logistics. It’s a symbiotic relationship that requires care and attention. Actively managing supply chain offers your company tremendous cost- and time-saving advantages. Transportation within the context of commerce is the movement of goods from one location to another. It’s considered to be a sub-unit of logistics. Companies deliver products by land, air, or sea. Sometimes referred to as transport logistics, it’s a function divided into three significant areas in which a business must engage:

  • Operations Management
  • Vehicle and Fleet Organization
  • Infrastructure Administration

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There are five types of transportation.

  • Road Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Air Transport
  • Water Transport
  • Pipeline Transport

Next-generation transportation is the delivery by Drone. Delivery drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are unmanned aircraft that transport packages to a designated area. Delivery drones are autonomous or remotely controlled via a controlled station on the ground. Drone operators can monitor multiple flying robots at once keeping track of each package delivered.

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Benefits for drone delivery

  • Remote Connectivity
  • Reduce Road Congestions
  • Reduce Environmental Pollution
  • Reduce Delivery Time
  • Reduce Transportation Cost

At Encoding Enhancers, we are developing a logistics management system. That system manages Order fulfillment, warehouse management, and transportation management. we are using a web-based application for order fulfillment and warehouse management. Mobile application is used for the transportation management. we are using GPS for tracking each transport.

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