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Energy / Oil & Gas

Forward-thinking oil & gas organizations are focusing their IoT initiatives less on underlying sensors, devices, and "smart" things and more on developing bold approaches for managing data, leveraging "brownfield" IoT infrastructure, and developing new business models.Encoding Enhancers help businesses with this.

Residential & Commercial

While consumer IoT devices have drawn most press attention, it is enterprise-level adoption of the technology that will likely have the bigger impact on industry. Encoding Enhancers help businesses from Residential & Commercial. Our industry-specific expertise allows us to provide best possible solutions.

Logistics Solution

Encoding Enhancers help businesses from Logistics Solution. Encoding Enhancers developed "pigeon" which is an Intelligent cloud based Multi Modal Digital logistics Solution service backed by 24/7 customer service.EE's ultimate business objective is to enhance our client's transport service levels whilst reducing enviornmental impact and costs.

Banking & Insurance

Encoding Enhancers help businesses from Banking & Insurance. We help you save money and increase productivity with Robotic Process Automation. We provide customizable solutions that adapt to your growing needs. Allow machine learning modules to focus on the repetitive, time consuming tasks that are stealing focus from high value work


Encoding Enhancers help businesses from Healthcare. EE solutions allows management of all the services and operations of a healthcare institution. The software is running in NABH accredited hospitals across the country.One of our biggest assets is our technical diversity. We find the best solution to suit your needs and are not limited by platform. We have in house expertise in Php, .net, Java, C++, Python, MySQL

Industrial & Manufacturing

Encoding Enhancers help businesses from Industrial & Manufacturing. Hardware engineering encompasses not only board design, networking, testing and validation, and certification, but also the integration of various modules into efficient systems that allow seamless system/product interoperability. We offer a quick and low-cost prototype for POC with accurate estimates on the EOL of the component as well. Partnerships help to get early access to a pre-launched solution from our supplier to deliver much faster time to market to our customers.


Disruptive forces are impacting all aspects of the automotive industry.As autonomous driving becomes a reality, manufacturers are shifting focus to connected vehicles and digital services. A successful transformation is enabled by Encoding Enhancers advanced automotive technology,experience and expertise.Digital transformation helps automotive companies improve competitiveness today while preparing for the new tomorrow. Our industry-specific expertise allows us to provide best possible solutions.


Encoding Enhancers offers a full range of innovative telecom solutions to all type of public or private enterprises, from networking, to unified communications and customer interaction management. Using best-of-breed products from top-class leading vendors blended with high quality services and custom made telecom solutions; our clients are able to transform their telecom infrastructure, improve offered services and increase client satisfaction and loyalty.


Automation is the solution for everyday tasks and improves the efficiency and productivity of the educational institution which saves time and highly skilled staff can work on other critical tasks. Eliminate paperwork and manual processes using automated education systems the software can be used for admission, attendance, scheduling meetings, mailing, assignment, grades, Admin, Finance, etc. A user can connect, collaborate and communicate through multiple channels through the cloud-based application, web application or mobile apps.


Technology-driven accountability is playing one outsized role in allowing consumers to make better choices about the foods they consume and purchase. Technology is also being used to tackle food waste (one of the most pervasive problems facing the food industry), improve shelf-life, dynamically adjust pricing based on sell-by dates, and allow restaurants to automatically monitor their daily waste. Our industry-specific expertise allows us to provide best possible solutions.

CSV's & ISV's

For Independent software vendors, ensuring that their applications can integrate seamlessly with third party solutions is imperative. Many ISVs have attempted to solve the integration challenge with hand-coded solutions, but increasingly customers are not prepared to accept the cost and time of additional IT development to integrate applications. EE's ISV and CSV integrations couldn’t be easier with the robust Appdirect ISV and CSV connectors, which can connect to any service without the need for separate integration tools.

Smart Home & Wearables

Encoding Enhancers help businesses from Smart Home & Wearables. We will help you design a custom wearable device, support its business logic with a scalable back end, and pair the solution with a mobile app to enable convenient user-to-device interactions. EE will also interface your wearable gadget with 3rd-party devices and applications — in the workplace or in a Smart Home.

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