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Powering the Industrial Internet of Things
IoT Gateway/ Edge

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, businesses find themselves faced with the challenge of integrating a multitude of devices and protocols, many with varying power and connectivity requirements. This mix may also include legacy technologies.IoT Gateways are emerging as an essential component in building a robust IoT and for delivering computational power in edge computing scenarios. Edge computing distributes the load on a system by performing data processing at the data source, or “edge”, rather than relying on a central server for the bulk of the work. This is where an IoT Gateway comes in, such as the OAS Platform.

IoT Gateways and Edge Computing
IoT Gateways and Edge Computing

In edge computing, critical data processing occurs at the data source rather than in a centralized cloud-based location. A versatile IoT Gateway is the essential link in delivering edge computing power to technicians in the field or at the plant floor. IoT Gateways that come equipped with these capabilities are referred to as ’Smart’ Gateways.The OAS Platform and Universal Data Connector is an example of such a robust and versatile IoT Gateway. With its ability to operate at the data source as well as in the cloud to perform data aggregation and networking functions, the OAS Platform is also a flexible solution for most IoT and IIoT implementations.

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