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Become a fully automated enterprise with Intelligent Process Automation
Intelligent automation to speed up business process

See how EE can help you save money and increase productivity with Robotic Process Automation.A highly productive solution that learns and scales alongside the growth of your organization .Allow machine learning modules to focus on the repetitive, time consuming tasks that are stealing focus from high value work.Some of the best robotic process automation tools that work around the clock long after you've left work for the day.With RPA, the work is completed with 100% accuracy every time.Customizable solutions that adapt to your growing needs

Our Capabilities
RPA Consulting

Encoding enhancer is the best RPA service, provider. We identify processes that need to be automated. and after that, we create a roadmap for it.

Automation Design

Our RPA Experts will help you in mapping manual processes in your business. We identify methodologies to deploy in your business model.

RPA Implementation

We design and develops robots using automation tools, AI and ML for process automation. Our experts additionally also organize workflow and rollout validation.

Bot building & Testing

We build the bot and test the bot which ultimately helps to automate manual processes in your business.

Automation Support

RPA support team at EE will help you with bot management, failure and disaster recovery, risk management, and opportunity discovery.

RPA Support & Maintenance

RPA support and maintenance help minimize downtime to offer constant support and contractual maintenance for RPA activities and associated infrastructure.

Robotic Process Automation


Highly Productive

AI never sleeps — high volume tasks can be accomplished ’round the clock with a higher degree of accuracy


Highly Cost-effective

Dramatically increased productivity combined with very little start up cost provides a highly scalable and cost-effective work environment


Reduce your costs by revolutionizing your processes

Robotic Process Automation helps to automate your business processes which ultimately save cost of operations and increase business profit.

Save Time

Robotic Process Automation helps to streamline your tasks and automate the repeated tasks.which ultimately save time and money.


Robotic Process Automation helps to Optimize your resources and assets utilization.which ultimately save cost and increase profit.

Customer Experience

RPA Delivers personalized omnichannel experience to your customers.Which helps to retain more customers and provide them personalized experience


Robotic Process Automation Improves your accuracy and cycle time. Which avoid any error which may happen while doing it manually.


RPA Increase your productivity in transaction processing, Operations and other business processes which ultimately save your cost.

Success Stories

Find out how Encoding Enhancers helped clients to achieve their business objectives.
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Save time and efforts

We streamline processes and make it efficient, fast and cost-effective.


Automating Task

Businesses process and task are automated to get better functionality and error-free results.



Better compliance with the exact process that meets your standards.


Customer Experience

Standardizing processes to deliver extra service to your highest-level customers.

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