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Quality Assurance Foundation (Rules)
by Shivam Gupta  |  Quality Assurance
Robotic Process Automation
by Sumit Bhandari  |  RPA- Robotic Process Automation
IOT driven BFSI transformation
by Lokesh Kumawat  |  IOT driven BFSI transformation
Post-Covid: Work Without Losing Productivity
by Abhishek Khare  |  Post-Covid incorporate sector
Transformation of Embedded Software Development
by Manju Kumari  |  Embedded Software Development
Importance of Leak Testing in Oil & Gas Industry
by Nisha Rao  |  Leak Testing
Why do Industries Need Embedded System Services?
by Aditi Shrivastava  |  IIOT, Embedded Systems
Plug and Play- Lessons for IoT
by Aditi Shrivastava  |  IIOT, Embedded Systems
Capture Greater value from System Engineer
by Sumit Bhandari   |  System Engineer
Cloud Testing Services & its challenges
by Shivam Gupta  |  Cloud Testing Services
IoT Devices for building automation.
by Aditi Shrivastava  |  IIOT, Embedded Systems
Why Covid 19 drove an increase in Daas?
by Ambrish Jayara  |  Cloud Computing, Hardware Engineering
Model Based Testing(MBT) for embedded devices
by Shobhit Uniyal  |  IIOT, Quality Engineering
Full Stack QA Engineering team in Software
by Deepali Panwar  |  Full stack development
Blameless PostMortems
by Aditi Shrivastava  |  Information Technology
Embedded Functional testing
by Nisha Rao  |  IIOT, Embedded Systems
Embedded System Development
by Anil K Rajput  |  Embedded DevOps Evolution
Automating C test cases for Embedded System
by Mahesh Prasad  |  Embedded Systems Test cases
Embedded World 2020-21: Trends to Watch This Year
by Aditi Shrivastava  |  IIOT, Embedded Systems
What is FreeRTOS?
by Mohit Kumar  |  FreeRTOS
Desktop Application Development
by Manju Kumari  |  Application Framework
Embedded Software Trends
by Aditi Shrivastava  |  IIOT, Embedded Systems
Introduction to Modbus
by Mahesh Prasad  |  Modbus
NET Framework Use Cases
by Ambrish Jayara  |  NET Framework
How IOT Changing the domain of Education
by Deepali Panwar  |  IOT in Education
Telecommunications meets RPA
by Mohit Kumar  |  RPA- Robotic Process Automation
How easy is to use VNC connect
by Lokesh Kumawat  |  VNC connect
Next Generation Transportation
by Pawan Kumar  |  Advance technology
Inter Process Communication (IPC)
by Lokesh Kumawat  |  Inter Process Communication (IPC)
Serial Communication Protocols
by Anil Kumar Rajput  |  Communication Protocols
QA- Roles Redefined
by Shivam Gupta  |  IIOT, Quality Engineering
Tips for All Digital Transformations
by Aditi Shrivastava  |  Digital Transformations
MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) Protocol
by Nisha Rao  |  MQTT protocol
Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
by Deepali Panwar  |  Digital Transformations (IIOT)
What do we understand by the Web-socket Protocol?
by Ankit  |  Web-sockets protocol
Why JavaScript is so popular?
by Ashish Chauhan  |  JavaScript
Auto-test Framework
by Sumit Bhandari   |  Testing Framework
Trusted Asset Tracking Framework
by Aditi Shrivastava  |  Digital Transformation
Network Automation
by Purva Shrivastava  |  Network Security and Cloud Computing
Telecos are you ready for Telecom-Techstack 2023?
by Purva Shrivastava  |   Telecom
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