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IoT Drives the Next Generation of Operational Effectiveness
Embedded IOT Product Engineering Services

EE Provides 15 Years Of Full-Scale Product Engineering Services Across Software Design & Development, End To End Embedded Systems Design Delivering Superior Quality And Support. We Adapt Our Services To Formulate Tailor Made Solutions For Our Client Emerging From Different Domains.

Solution Architecture

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architecture is made of numerous elements from sensors, connectivity and gateways to device management and application platforms. Assembling these different moving parts can seem daunting, especially for companies who are just at the outset of their IIoT initiative. On top of that, industrial applications entail unique requirements and challenges that need to be addressed tactfully. The good news is emerging tools and developments are helping simplify and streamline the process of establishing a viable IIoT architecture.

Our Capabilities
EE Hardware Product Engineering:

We provide complete hardware design services developing consumer grade as well as mission critical electronic products and solution from component selection all the way to production support

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EE Software Product Engineering:

We have expertise in all aspects of embedded software which enables device manufacturers deliver superlative performance while reducing the complexities associated with cost,size and timelines.

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EE QA Engineering:

We offer complete hardware and software testing with a test automation approach and multiple test automation Ips. Our Test data and test suites developed in-house aide the complete testing process guaranteeing traceability.

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Benefits of the IoT

Having plenty of fruit-bearing attributes of IoT, many businesses want to integrate the technology into the business process. So, let’s understands the benefits of the (IoT)Internet of Things
Enhance Productivity

With the right connected devices and strategically located sensors or beacons, you can better manage your assets and significantly boost your bottom line at the same time.

Smooth Operation

IoT can connect through various devices to the internet and therefore it allows enterprises to real-time operational insights.

Cost Optimization

IoT offers great assets utilization with real-time analytics that comparatively makes things easier achieve at very minimal cost.

Enhance Customer Service

Higher customer service includes so many things and to achieve better customer satisfaction IoT can be a great benefit

Safety and Security

IoT relates to the things or a gadget which has no internet facilities security is a major concern.IoT provides a multi-layer security feature to protect your data and privacy.

Improved Asset Utilization

IoT application provides you real-time insights while the sensor helps you better operate the system and detector locate the issue to take immediate action.

Success Stories

Find out how Encoding Enhancers helped clients to achieve their business objectives.
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Requirement Gathering
Architecture & Design
Component Selection & BOM Optimization



Optimizations for Form Factor, Cost
Performance Analysis
Component Management



Multi-core, Multiprocessor based Design & Schematics
Multi-Layer PCB Layout & Fabrication
Design for Manufacturability & Design for Test



Prototype Development
Testing & Certification Support
Prototyping & Manufacturing Support with Assembly

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