Why do Industries Need Embedded System Services?

Why do Industries Need Embedded System Services?

The pace of digitalization has steadily blurred the boundaries between hardware and software in recent years. Every day, sensors, chips, and computers with embedded software systems become more sophisticated. Simultaneously, their efficiency capabilities increase, resulting in more functionalities. Embedded devices are also widely used in critical applications.

Embedded devices are now at the heart of most manufacturing systems. Hardware, as well as the software that runs on it, known as firmware, aids in the management of sensors, field instruments, and other industrial devices such as PLCs and control systems. Adopting strong embedded systems engineering services benefits industries.

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Embedded systems are easy to integrate into other industrial components due to their small scale. Since it is designed to perform one task at a time, it needs less software or firmware changes, resulting in less downtime due to system upgrades. Embedded systems use less energy and allow for more accurate diagnostics and maintenance. Since embedded systems are self-contained, they are safer than other types of systems. However, since embedded systems can control and track complex field devices, caution should be exercised when designing one. Ensure that protection is a top priority when using embedded engineering services.

Encoding Enhancers is equipped with a rich background of 15 Years Of Full-Scale Product Engineering Services Across Software Design & Development, End To End Embedded Systems Design Delivering Superior Quality And Support. We Adapt Our Services To Formulate Tailor Made Solutions For Our Client Emerging From Different Domains.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architecture is made of numerous elements from sensors, connectivity and gateways to device management and application platforms. Assembling these different moving parts can seem daunting, especially for companies who are just at the outset of their IIoT initiative. On top of that, industrial applications entail unique requirements and challenges that need to be addressed tactfully. The good news is emerging tools and developments are helping simplify and streamline the process of establishing a viable IIoT architecture.

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We provide solutions ranging from CONCEPT all the way to PRODUCT SUPPORT and SUSTENANCE.

Embedded Engineering Services Provided by Encoding Enhancers

By leveraging our experience in product design, hardware architecture, firmware architecture, testing & validation, and certifications, we can provide an end-to-end solution for any embedded software development requirement. For PCB fabrication and prototyping, we depend on our strong ecosystem partners.

Our comprehensive list of embedded system engineering services for various industry verticals and horizontals include:

  • Concept to production turnkey product engineering
  • Firmware, hardware, application development
  • Software design and development
  • Electro mechanical product development
  • Wireless SoC based product development
  • Python application
  • Verification & validation
  • Below, a few examples of the embedded development services we have offered to clients worldwide:

    • Wireless Heat Trace Controllers
    • IoT Gateways
    • IoT Edge Nodes
    • Smart Plug
    • Leak Detection Systems
    • Floor Heating Solutions
    • Pipe Freeze Protection
    • Smart door bell and lock
    • Android based controller handheld device
    • Loop powered design and development
    • Sensor integration and sensor application development
    • Metering application
    • Edge gateway development
    • Enable legacy hardware/machine with IIoT capability
    • Industrial protocol simulator
    • Wireless application development
    • Condition monitoring devices
    • Operator interfaces
    • Multilayer PCB design
    • High speed digital and analog design
Why Encoding Enhancers for Embedded System Engineering Services?

Design development services, firmware engineering, hardware engineering, verification and validation are all part of our customized hardware and embedded device development for industrial use cases. Our wide team of software developers and engineers are experts in embedded system design, embedded system programming, embedded system development, feature-driven development, and release management.

Our goal is to provide our clients with custom embedded device capabilities based on their process requirements. We design and build embedded systems customized to your industry's needs, from low-power embedded platforms to complex wide-band embedded hardware. We also have embedded system consulting on principles, specifications, and delivery.

The reasons why Encoding Enhancers should be your top choice for your embedded engineering needs are:

  • Talented resource pool for embedded system development
  • State of the art lab facility
  • 15+ years of deep industrial domain experience
  • Flexibility and agility for customization
  • Competitive price
  • Responsive tech support

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