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Pipeline networks are the foremost economic and safest mode of transportation for oil, gases, and other fluid products. Pipelines are a means of long-distance transport, hence need to fulfill high demands of efficiency, reliability, and safety.

With proper maintenance, pipelines can last indefinitely without leaks. Much of the leaks that may occur are caused due to damage from nearby excavations, but most leaks are caused by corrosion, breakdown, or an incorrect operation.
If pipelines are not properly maintained, they can corrode, particularly at the construction joints, low points where moisture collects, or locations with defects in the pipe. Other reasons that may cause leaks include exterior force damage (like damage by cars and drilling rigs) or natural force (like earth movement, heavy rain and flooding, lightning, and temperature).

Pipeline leak detection is used to determine if for some reason a leak has occurred in systems that contain liquids and gases. The main purpose of leak detection systems is to help pipeline controllers to detect and localize leaks. It provides alarms and displays other relevant data to the pipeline controllers to assist decision-making.
Pipeline leak detection systems can also improve productivity and system reliability due to reduced downtime and inspection time. Many technologies are available in the market to detect the leak from pipelines, based on the nature of the fluids in the pipeline and the leak size.

The customer - nVent Thermal
nVent Thermal is the leading company when it comes to providing leak detection services.
It has thousands of worldwide installed systems - from Londons Swiss Re building to Shanghais World Financial Centre - their sensing cables and multifunction, multi-protocol digital alarm systems are the dominant solutions to counter water leaks.
We at Encoding Enhancers provide comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of our clients. From hardware to software, we provide the best solution to our clients.
Our hardware experts provide the best solution for microcontrollers from a wide range of famous vendors like ESP, TI, NXP, etc. Our hardware solution will best suit your needs.

Our software experts provide the best solution application for the corresponding hardware. In the past we have successfully delivered solutions in "IIoT/Embedded" for:
1. Hardware, Firmware & Applications for Heat Trace Controllers
2. Hardware, Firmware & Cloud for IoT Gateways
3. Hardware, Firmware & Communication stack IoT Edge Nodes
4. Hardware, Firmware & Application for Smart Plug
5. Leak Detection Systems
6. Floor Heating Solutions
7. Pipe Freeze Protection
8. Smart door bell and lock
9. Android based controller handheld device

Our leak detection solutions are all-rounded to cover all possible use cases to cover all the requirements of the clients. Our solution includes both wired and wireless support based on the conditions of the environment.
We use the combination of cloud, web-based application and android application to provide an all-around solution to monitor the condition of pipelines and leak alarms in case of leaks.
We have experience with various technologies -
● C, C++ for programming the applications
● Modbus, Canbus protocols for wired communication
● MQTT message protocol, that has a small code footprint and suitable wireless networks
● FreeRTOS, Linux and other operating systems
● Yocto to produce Linux distributions for embedded and IoT devices
● Android applications
We at Encoding Enhancers work hard to provide the best fitting solution based on the requirements of our clients. Encoding Enhancers (EE) is backed by 2 decades of technology experience in providing Full-Scale Product Engineering Services across End to End Systems Design, Software Development, QA & DevOps thus delivering superior quality ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. We are a technology driven company with a wide-ranging skill set and experienced engineers in the field of Embedded/IoT Product development, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Transformation and Cloud/DevOps Engineering.
So if you are looking for a similar solution does not hesitate in contacting us at info@encodingenhancers.com or sales@encodingenhancers.com.

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