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Development of Heat Trace Controllers

The global demand for embedded growth is estimated at USD 86.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit USD 116.2 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 6.1 percent from 2020 to 2025. Key factors that energize this market's growth note that an increase in the amount of creative work exercises identified with inserted frameworks is common for cutting-edge driver-help frameworks (ADAS) and electromobility responses for electric vehicles and half-race vehicles, increased demand for lightweight devices, such as wearables, and increased use of multicore processors in military applications.

The production of embedded offshore software also helps organizations to comply with strict guidelines and guidelines, present innovations, and broaden their design skills.

We have prepared 2 success stories with this in mind that demonstrate the advantages of collaboration with offshore embedded software engineers.

1. Elexant-350(MASC) Application

Controller single-point heat-tracing Provider of offshore embedded software development: nVent Team Location: Encoding Enhancers PVT LTD, Noida, India Encoding Enhancers has been a successful software business for more than 10 years with an established track record of foreign deliveries of excellence in software development (in different domains). It actively aligns with customers to meet clear time schedules for operations and services in order to deliver state-of-the-art technology solutions. In all aspects of real-time communication products, including embedded frameworks, real-time OS, Linux, GUI and UI frameworks such as QT/QML, protocols and external communication solutions (including TCP/IP suite, Netconf, YANG, Control protocols such as BacNET, Modbus, etc.), we have extensive expertise and experience.

Encoding Enhancers partnered with nVent's embedded team to develop their solution's hardware and software components. With more than 15 years of experience and over 9400 technical experts, nVent is a Canadian-based outsourcing company for embedded software development. In such industries as embedded, aerospace, heat tracing, leak tracing and more, the business partners with technology leaders.

A lightweight, full-featured, touch screen-based, single-point heat-tracing controller is the Elexant-350(MASC). It offers Electric Heat-Tracing (EHT) circuit control and monitoring for both freeze safety and management of process temperature. This controller is capable of tracking and alarming high and low temperatures, high and low current, ground-fault levels, voltage, and supports a host of additional features to provide full EHT control and monitoring capabilities. For remote monitoring and configuration, multiple communication ports enable versatile connectivity.

Impressive functionality is included in the product: Control of devices for heat tracing. Limiter of Safety (high temperature cutout mechanism). Temperature, current, voltage and ground fault current control, as well. Alarming for a sensitive heat trace system situation.

The partnership between Encoding Enhancers and nVent has resulted in the product being shipped on time and successfully. It met all the relevant requirements and passed the use certification.

2. Phoenix NGC-20 Controller

nVent Phoenix NGC-20 control and monitoring system Provider of offshore embedded software development: nVent Team Location: Encoding Enhancers PVT LTD, Noida, India The Phoenix NGC-20 is a field-mounted electronic temperature control system for industrial heat-tracing applications which provides local control and central monitoring capabilities.

The Phoenix NGC-20 is an advanced field-mountable electronic temperature control device for industrial heat-tracing applications that offers local control and central monitoring capabilities. A veritable "Smart Thermostat." The Phoenix NGC-20 system will substantially decrease costs compared to centralized control without compromising safety and reliability. The Phoenix NGC-20, certified for dangerous areas, is also available with an integrated intelligent safety temperature limiter (SIL 2 device).

Specially designed for embedded devices using the real-time operating system kernel, which has been ported to 35 microcontroller platforms called FreeRtos.

Impressive functionality is included in the product: Capabilities of regulation, tracking and warning Automated Device Search for Heat-Tracing Networking Communications Running on an OS in real time. Encoding enhancers with the help of the nVent team create the product and this is currently in the validation or testing process. The functionality of previous controllers was planned to be extended and all safety checks were also carried out.
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All in all, Encoding Enhancers received several benefits from their partnership with nVent, the provider of offshore embedded software development. We launched hi-tech solutions, improved their market positions, and exposed their customers to new offerings. On the off chance that you need your product to be an instance of overcoming adversity and need an integrated growth enhancement expert

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