Success Story

Attitude of Gratitude- Partnership With Capgemini

We are thrilled to announce our association with CapGemini as their Solution partner. The level of company-partner integration indicates how intricately the partners are engaged with the company’s value chain and how critically they extend the company’s capabilities. The strategic partnership nature reflects on how the partnership affects the companies’ positioning in the market, their market offerings, and their business models. Encoding Enhancers as their "Delivery champions" will streamline services delivery to extend existing capabilities. We will support our esteemed partner to scale their delivery capabilities, reduce delivery costs, build complementary skills, and develop extended solution offerings. LEARNINGS- Key considerations for choosing a delivery champion include the partner’s ability to: 1. Translate business requirements and customer pain points into a technology solution, and then deliver the solution to the customer 2. Customize support single/multiproduct solutions to customer needs 3. Support the adoption of solutions through training and customer success 4. Deliver services from offshore locations with lower costs while maintaining service quality #partnernetwork #capgemini #encodingenhancers #deliverychampions

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